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Our program last week was a Chautauqua presentation.  Angel Vigil as “El Vaquero” America’s first cowboy.  Mr. Vigil told us that reason we have cowboys, cowgirls, steaks and the Denver Broncos is because Christopher Columbus found in the new world in 1492.  When Columbus came to the new world there were no cattle or horses.  The Spaniards brought 900 years of know how on how to handle livestock.
The first documented instance of using the word cowboy was in the 1100’s in Ireland.  During the American Revolution and in Mexico a cowboy was a person that stole cattle to give to people to each.  An El Vaquero is a person that takes care of large animals in large places. America romanticized the cowboy from novels and movies.
Angel went to Spain to research the origins of the cowboy. Thanks for coming to speak to our club. It is a difficult job but El Vaquero is up for it!
135 goodie bags were assembled last week which are going fire departments and admin in Greeley. 
Stewart Abbot is our clubs latest benefactor in our Club.  We can now qualify for the Governor’s citation. 
Mike Oakes is looking for hole sponsorship for a Golf Tournament that Stewart Title is hosting on August 15th.
Ted Gilliland - 11 years; joined August 11th, 2011
Jonathan Seitz - 13 years; joined August 13th, 2009
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