Elizabeth Barber, Executive Director of The Greeley Dream Team gave us an inspiring presentation at last week’s meeting on what the Dream Team does for low income and first generational students in our school district 6.

The Greeley Dream Team is a non-profit entity supporting students in Greeley/Evans School District 6 with overcoming obstacles to succeed in school and continue on in higher education programs.  The Dream Team just celebrated their 26th year and students in their programs achieved a 98% graduation rate in 2012. 

Interesting Facts:

  • They serve over 1100 students/year in District 6
  • 700 students participate in their talent program
  • In 2012- every student in the dream team proceeded to the next grade level
  • 54 out of the 98 seniors took college credit courses.
  • Discovery program at Jefferson High School is now a graduation requirement- students learn basic life skills.  Over 70% of students passed with an 80% or better.  One of the class requirements is for the student to complete 2 community service projects.  One within Jefferson and one outside.
  • Discovery 1 program is a peer mediator program.  Students learn to be peer mediators and this program has lead to a 45% reduction in behavioral referrals at Jefferson. 
  • Child Care Program at Jefferson- served 31 teen parents and 33 children last school year

How can you help the Greeley Dream Team?

  • They are collecting 2 inch white binders for students
  • Donate to their School supplies drive
  • Sat, Aug 24th Pancake Breakfast at Applebees 8-10AM- $10/person- All You Can Eat Pancakes
  • They are always in need of volunteers at the schools
  • For more information on the Dream Team and how you can help visit: