Today we had the honor of having the city manager, raymond lee, of join us and inform us of the great work the city is doing and the future predicition of how the city is growing.
Mr. Lee infromed us of all the new changes and the plans they are working on to offset the future growth the city is anticipating on having.  
He mentioned the city’s population is roughly 111-112k, with the anticipation of growing to 260,000 people in the next 20-25 years. This, he explains comes with great responsibility to make sure that we have enough housing and infrastructure that can handle that kind of population. He further, explained what they have beening discussing and planning for. The city has been busy at work trying to make sure that they are being progressive and planning ahead, by making sure they have the space and the accomaodations, those include, businesses, housing, parks, etc.
From some of the questions and concerns, the concept of growing up instead of growing out was brought up. We were informed that the city has been thinking about some of these ideas, to make more room for people. The goal is to make a community, where people can work, live and play and not having to depend on other cities or towns. Some of the plans that was discussed, is the development of the land west of 83rd all the way to CR 17.
The future looks amazing for the city of Greeley and the growth that it is anticipating!!