Last week’s presenter was Major Ian Whittington from the Colorado State Patrol.  Working at the Colorado State Patrol was his only job after finishing college.  Mr. Whittington spoke about the opportunities that Colorado State Patrol has in educating the public about safety and is a leader in law enforcement.  He wants the state patrol to be a place people want to work at and retain employees.  They have been changing the culture at work.
We are in the northeast district Greeley is one of 17 offices the patrol has in Colorado. The Greeley patrol is down half the officers we normally have but it is because the troopers that work in Greeley get promoted and move to other offices.  One of the success stories in our distinct is the decrease in traffic fatalities.  It is because of the increase in traffic patrols on the major traffic arteries in our area.  The patrol has a great partnership with the Weld County Sherrif’s office which helped fuel the recent success.