Last week’s program was introduced by Mark Larson and Dan Austin even joined via Zoom from Steamboat Springs!  Julie Babcock and John Biner told us about the new charter school in the Windsor RE-4 School District, American Legacy Academy.  They will focus on civic responsibility and character development. The maximum capacity is 648 students and there has been quite a bit of interest in the type of education they will offer. 
Ms. Babcock is the chair of the board for the charter school and Mr. Biner is the principal. They will be offering a Hillsdale College curriculum.  They will teach Singapore Math and even teach cursive handwriting. 
American Legacy Academy will not focus on using technology at their school.  Ipads and Chromebooks will not be in most classes.  They will offer a back-to-the-basics education.  Instead of relying on technology to teach the kids, they will learn via books, pencils, and paper.  Going back to the old school!