Harper Reed is a graduate of Central High School in Greeley.  He is also the former Chief Information Officer for the Obama Campaign.  He and his team paid attention to how the social media works and designed a system and interaction with social media to use it to great advantage in the Obama Campaign. He has apparently always been an 'out of the box' thinker and personality.  In High School he was Student body President in both his junior and senior years at Central High.  According to  Rotarians who knew him then, he also had dyed red hair.  After graduating from college in Iowa, he went on to several successful ventures in the computer coding world.  

In and entertaining and informative way, Harper led those of us who are technically challenged through the world of coding and customer experience.  The focus of his outcomes for the campaign were end user experience and end goals for the campaign.  His team was able to observe and interact with supporter behavior in a way that captured enthusiasm, friendship, and political activism.  Like Rotary, they leveraged friends talking to and asking for assistance from friends.  

When asked why his company was not asked to roll out the Obama Healthcare package, he replied that it would smack of cronyism which was an unacceptable option.  He helped us to grasp the enormity of the task of trying to coordinate a computer roll out of a plan that effects 50 states with different rules and numerous insurance companies who also have different rules and state constraints.  He also pointed to the fact that securing a government contract is a difficult hurdle for many companies and they often pour more resources into contract procurement than into contract execution.

Harper is and interesting and impressive human being with a lot to offer the world.  He currently lives in Chicago with his family.  He can be reached at  I hope that someone in Chicago offers him the opportunity to become a Rotarian.  He could be a very creative addition to any organization.