Dick Monfort was a graduate of Greeley West High School, a 1976 graduate of University of Northern Colorado in Business, and comes from a  Greeley family that has helped mold the great community we live in. The philanthropic nature of the Monfort family has helped mold Greeley and all of Northern Colorado to be the places they are today. Their is a good chance that Colorado would not have major league baseball if it weren't for the efforts of Dick and his family.
For the last 17 years Dick has worked with the Rockies organization and he shared some of the difficulties and challenges of being a young team in a small market. He also shared his dream to make baseball available to as many people as possible. Tickets are still $4 for adults and $2 for children and seniors for seats in an area referred to as the Rock Pile. Coors Field ranks as one of the best stadiums in Major League Baseball. The company has spent more that One hundred million dollars upgrading it to improve the fan experience. The organization has also spent more money than other teams to develop young players and add depth and sustainability to the team as a whole. The Colorado Rockies were recently named minor league organization of the year for their farm team program.

Dick spoke with excitement and enthusiasm about the team's growth and development. A 20 year old team is a real youngster in this very competitive business. Rockies revenues are dwarfed by those teams like the Dodgers and Yankees that have been around "forever". His hope is to stay focused on the long haul and on the quality of the players and of the organization and let history decide the rest.

It was clear that his goal was to make the Rockies a good team, a good business and a good citizen of Colorado. His energy and enthusiasm were captivating whether you were a baseball fan or not. Best of luck to the Rockies, Dick Monfort, and his dreams